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ZCV 100 hand active
ZCV 200 stroke manually operated activ
ZERMEC - Containment - Valve ( ZCV )

Our containment split valve is a system for the highest demands. For over 10 years it has proven itself in various applications, when filling and removing dangerous to very dangerous powder and granules.

It consists of two valve halves. As a rule, the passive valve is attached to the mobile container and the active valve to the stationary process machine. They seal the container or the process machine dust-tight when disconnected.

The active valve can be operated manually or pneumatically. Subsequent conversion from manual to pneumatic is easily guaranteed.

There are different versions, with manual and pneumatical stroke, spring assisted compensators to ensure accurate and safe docking.

In order to simplify cleaning and maintenance, the pneumatically actuated active valve is also available with a special mounting frame that allows the active valve insert to be easily changed.

By mechanically locking the valve halves, we guarantee safe product handling and the safety of the operating personnel.

MCV (Müller Containment Valve) becomes ZCV (ZERMEC Containment Valve)
ZERMEC is the developer and manufacturer of the MCV containment valve, we offer you repair and spare parts service for all valves supplied.

ZCV 150 pneumatically operated
ZCV 200 manually operated
Development and production from a single source
The development and production processes of our components are implemented almost 100% in the ZERMEC group

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